Saturday, September 2, 2017

Ryo Onishi 25th August Special Class & 26th August Seminar Review

I would like to say thank you to Ryo Onishi for a great special class and seminar last weekend. The main theme was opening your perception and practising this principle in many circumstances. The principle was about opening up your perception rather focusing on a specific area.
Physically in Systema we usually practise opening up by returning to a good posture after fear has set in and the body has closed in, say after a strike. When the body is relaxed there's freedom and when there's tension there's fear. Ryo came at this from a different perspective though and suggested that we change literally how we look at things.
Instead of focusing too much on the problem, for example a grab, or what you want to do, for example a strike, you relax your eyesight and use your peripheral vision as much as possible but in a relaxed way. By doing this the body followed your perception and opened up naturally and you felt more freedom, rather than being constrained by the immediate problem. It also helped to look at different people or places.
This change in perception had a dramatic effect on the effectiveness of whatever you were doing. By changing this perception, it relaxes you and the problem becomes no longer a problem and it gives you more freedom and power. This also relaxes your partner slightly too. Open perception equals freedom while focused attention equals imprisonment.
This was work that we had practised previously at other seminars but Ryo came at it from a different direction, making it accessible for students to experience for themselves. It's very hard to write about this, so you really have to experience it for yourself but it's something everybody can do. It's slightly like when you're trying to find your car keys you can't but when you give up they suddenly appear.
Also big thanks to Masashi Ueharaand the Systema Tobu club for the great organistaion and all of my training partners.

Adam Zettler Systema Japan July Special Class reviews

July 4th Special Class

In Adam Zettler's special class last night we worked on grab & escape with a focus on moving from breathing. He said that the breath should lead the movement. To practice this, we did the work while exhaling and inhaling. He said that working while inhaling is especially good because you can feel your tension and limitations more clearly.
Adam explained to us that we should be "empty of tension, full of breathing." This really sums up what we've been working on during Adam's time with us.

July 5th Special Class

Adam Zettler's last class in Tokyo last night was like the cherry on top of the icing of a cake. Even though it was the last class of a very inspiring and challenging 5 days, a lot of people came to get a final experience of working with Adam. Such a fun and intense class. It was non-stop movement on all levels separated by intense static work with intent to relax everybody further. And the result was obvious. 
The feeling at the end of this class and week was a very similar feeling to that when you have been in Toronto for a week. Fully energized, with a feeling of free movement without fear. But this was all possible because Adam progressively helped us to breathe more fully and relax more deeply over the week. And when working with him, he gave you that clear feeling of relaxed power, so that automatically after working with him, you immediately felt more energized and relaxed to work.
So on behalf of Systema Japan and all of the participants that attended the seminar and 3 special classes, we would like sincerely thank Adam for everything he gave us while he was here. Such an unforgettable experience. And, of course, we would like to show our deepest thanks to Vladimir and Valerie for their unending support and guidance.

Mikhail & Daniil Ryabko Systema Rises Mt.Fuji 2017/10/7,8,9

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二子新地システマ9月, 10月、11月, 12月の新しい予定です!

9月 (高津スポーツセンター)


10月 (高津スポーツセンター)

28日~日曜日(時間:13時半~16) 多摩川のとなりで練習します!12時45分に二子新地駅に合います。雨が降ったらクラスをキャンセルします。

11月 (高津スポーツセンター)

12日~日曜日(時間:13時~16) 多摩川のとなりで練習します!12時45分に二子新地駅に合います。雨が降ったらクラスをキャンセルします。
26日~日曜日(時間:13時~16) 多摩川のとなりで練習します!12時45分に二子新地駅に合います。雨が降ったらクラスをキャンセルします。

12月 (高津スポーツセンター)


Saturday, June 10, 2017

Daniil Ryabko May 2017 Tokyo Seminar & Special Classes review

25th May Special Class 1

Great first special class with Daniil Ryabko tonight. We learned about a breathing method that allows the body to maintain relaxation or relax as if ice is melting. We also learned about not being emotionally involved in what we're doing. Daniil said this is the way professionals work. To help everyone understand this feeling, he explained to us that "it was like picking up a bag of potatoes." 

26th May Special Class 2

Another outstanding class by Daniil Ryabko today. We started by walking with our eyes closed, so that we could recognize when fear comes up. And we used breathing and raising of the hands to rid ourselves of this fear if needed. 
We then carried on this work by having from one to three people pushing you with your eyes closed. The main principle was to feel this inside tension and relax yourself gradually with breathing. This enabled you to find your balance again, naturally returning the tension back to the partner. 

27th May Seminar Day 1

Daniil went deeper into the principle of relaxation today. In different situations we felt the tension that our partner was giving us or the tension we were giving ourselves and we relaxed ourselves, so that we ended in a natural balanced posture where you feel no pressure at all. This naturally transferred the tension back to your partner which made them "fight themselves." Daniil said not to worry about the other person but just to "always work on yourself." This principle could be used in any position, for example on the ground or standing up, when being pushed or pushing someone and when being locked.

28th May Seminar Day 2

Daniil showed us how to work against pushes with the fists to the entire body in a more dynamic way. As with the previous day's work, it was important to relax the tension that you feel, so it returns to your partner. Instead of working from deep tension we worked on it immediately from surface contact or before contact. This was also applied to knife work. 

Big thanks to Daniil Ryabko for a brilliant seminar and Systema Tokyo for organising the seminar.

Monday, May 15, 2017

アダム・ゼットラー7月1日 & 2日システマジャパンセミナー!

69日まで早割価格] アダム・ゼットラーセミナー!申込み受付開始しました!


日時:201671()2() 10:00 - 16:30

時間: 10時分~1630分(開場&受付開始:930分)
会場:東京23区内 お申し込みいただいた方に後日ご連絡いたします。


9:3010:00 受付
10:0013:00 セッション1
13:0014:00 昼食休憩
14:0016:30 セッション2
16:3017:00 片付け/退室
311() 19:3021:30 懇親会
会員2日間 - 22,000 (通常価格¥28,000)
一般2日間 - 26,000 (通常価格¥31,000)
会員1日のみ - 12,000 (通常価格¥15,000)
一般1日のみ - 14,000 (通常価格¥17,000)
日程:201771()19:30 - 21:30

Friday, May 5, 2017

二子新地システマ5月, 6月、7月, 8月の新しい予定です!

5 (高津スポーツセンター)


6 (高津スポーツセンター)


7 (高津スポーツセンター)



8 (高津スポーツセンター)